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-Valve Crystal 12AX7 Tube Preamp BlackTop- ※Engrish〈Made-to-order〉1-2 months

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-Valve Crystal Black Top- 12AX7 Tube Preamp ※Black Plate Type We will consult with you about your desired specifications at the time of ordering. *Please feel free to contact us as we will do our best to accommodate you. *The standard specification is the one in the photo. The Valve Crystal is designed more like an amplifier than an effector. The amp model is the JM signature model that made TR-AMP famous. This original circuit is the clean channel of the legendary amplifier DUMBLE. Valve Crystal passes through the same integrated signal circuitry as your amp, delivering a gorgeous clean sound. Unlike many DUMBLE effects, this unit does not have a flashy drive sound. This is because many overdrives that use the Dumble name use TS or other overdrive circuits. It's just a Dumble sound the creator imagines. By combining the gorgeous sound of this unit's so-called glass cracking with the TS type overdrive, I think you can create the dumbbell tone and SRV sound you want. In order to make the housing compact, no power transformer is used, and a high voltage of about 250 V is applied by internal boosting to drive the vacuum tubes. I chose 12AX7 from JJ Electronics for the vacuum tube. DALE is used for the orange drop and plate register, and the interior is finished with the same attention to detail as the actual amplifier. Three types of tone controls and vacuum tube amplification provide the best natural sound. The bypass function with the foot switch is a specification that does not exist due to its characteristics. It is recommended not only for the input of the amplifier, but also for the return plug of the studio amplifier. If possible, connect to a power amplifier that uses a 6L6 vacuum tube to achieve specifications that are closer to the actual machine. It is also highly recommended for those who are concerned about the digital feel of line connections when recording at home. 〈IN/OUT〉 ・DC JACK DC12V(500mA)adapter ・ON/OFF When the switch is turned on, electricity flows through the machine.Please switch off after use. ・INPUT  Signal Input ・OUTPUT  Signal Output 〈Control〉 ・GAIN・TREBLE・MIDDLE・BASS・MASTER  Toggle switch ・MID   Midrange boost ・DEEP   Makes the sound fatter ・BRIGHT  Give a bright tone to the whole ※Set each switch in combination with the tone control. 〈Caution〉 ・A high voltage of 200V or more is flowing inside the main unit. Please refrain from opening the package. (We are not responsible for accidents, etc.) ・Switching noise may be noticeable depending on the structure of the adapter you are using.Use an isolation adapter. ・Be sure to turn off the power after use. It shortens the life of the tube and internal parts. ・The body heats up due to the heat generated by the vacuum tubes. This is normal behavior, but don't put it in an enclosed space. Be careful not to block the ventilation openings on the main unit. ・The internal vacuum tube is glass material. Please be careful when handling the main unit.。 〈Specifications〉 ・Size 94×120×34mm ・12VDC Adapter ※500mA or more recommended ・LED Indicator Lamp ・6 months warranty for peace of mind. (Does not apply to faults caused by negligence) *Product specifications and parts are subject to change without notice. ※As this is a made-to-order product, it may take 1-2 months for delivery.

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