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DIVELEATOR JJ 12AX7 Tube Bufferd Loop Box -Black Knob-〈NEW!!〉Accepting reservations

49,500 JPY

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  • Black Type Knob

    49,500 JPY

〈About $345 August 2023 + Delivery fee About $22〉 DIVELEATOR was developed to connect to passive type effect loops and adjust impedance levels.Recognize it as an external FX loop. Inspired by circuits developed for Dumble FX loop. Its name is Dumbleator. The configuration is a single vacuum tube with a buffer circuit, a loop, and a boost circuit in that order. With no connections in the loop, it acts like a clean booster with a buffered input that is said to sound better just through it. Uses and effects depend on your ideas. We recommend that you try various connections without being bound by fixed concepts. 【Product features】 The circuit configuration reproduces the original as much as possible. Use only an isolated 12VDC power supply. HTJ-WORKS technology internally boosts the voltage up to about 250V. JJ 12AX7, which has no peculiarity, is used for the vacuum tube, which is driven at the same high voltage as the amplifier. We also selected internal parts that are used in vacuum tube amplifiers, and confirmed that the optimum tone could be obtained. The built-in is also carefully handmade and made with heart. It's going to be expensive, but it should provide a convincing sound. Equipped with a BRIGHT switch for each input and output, you can select a bright sound. Operation is possible with push switches installed on the left and right. The SEND switch is on the front right side. The left side is the RETURN switch. Some people may be a little worried about the rotating sound of the cooling fan.It can be turned off with an internal switch. (Always unplug the power plug before opening the lid. Risk of electric shock) 〈IN/OUT〉 ・DC JACK 12VDC (500mA) ・INPUT=Signal input(Amp FX send in) ・OUTPUT=Signal output(AMP FX RETURN IN) ・SEND=Other effectors INPUT ・RETURN=Other effectors OUTPUT 〈Control〉 INPUT=Input level adjustment OUTPUT=Adjust output levels or match with external effects. 〈Basic specifications〉 ・Size 1590BB 119.5×94×34mm (4.705"L X 3.701"W X 1.339"H) ・12VDC Adapter Only(500mA~) ・No built-in battery ・LED Lamp ・Product parts and specifications are subject to change without notice. 《Imported goods may be subject to customs duties in some countries.The item will be shipped as an "audio instrument".》

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