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〈NEW〉MAGNUM59 12AX7 Tubepreamp&Tremolo ※English Ver.

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Now accepting reservations for the first production!! *Scheduled to ship from late October onwards The price is around $400.Shipping to the US is approximately $21. The MAGNUM59 preamp is a twin-type pedal with a vacuum tube preamp reminiscent of PLEXI and an analog tremolo function. Each can be used separately. There are many pedals around the world that use the PLEXI sound as a motif. What HTJ-WORKS focused on when designing It is neither the "quantity" of sound nor the "quality" of sound. We focused on the pressure of the sound. Absolute sound pressure that shakes the space without losing dynamics or picking harmonics during performance. For this purpose, it was necessary to install vacuum tubes. The 12V DC voltage is internally boosted to over 200V. The configuration of MAGNUM59 is designed based on an amplifier. THE HARD ROCK sound with warmth and firmness. This product is a must-try for those who have never been able to feel the feel of a pedal like an amplifier. 【Various controls】 ・Right side preamp switch (red LED lit) ・Left tremolo switch (green LED lit) *If you use the left and right effects at the same time, the center lamp will light yellow. -preamplifier- ・VOLUME=Gain adjustment ・TREBLE/MIDDLE/BASS ・MASTER=Volume adjustment ・INTENSITY=Effect level feed amount TREMOLO ・SPEED=Adjustment of swing speed (visually confirmed by LED) ・PLEXI/MODERN Switch 2 types of preamp characters ・FM/AM Switch The amplitude of the sound changes -Product features- -Based on an integrated circuit up to the front of the power amplifier. Connect it to an amplifier head return or power amplifier and experience the straight sound of this unit. ・Like the actual machine, the clean circuit and drive circuit are not separated. Set the VOLUME (gain) knob around 8:00 to 9:00 for a clean setting, and start driving early after 9:00. It is designed with plenty of headroom like a pedal, making it ideal for installation on a pedal board. Basic specifications ・Size 94×120×35mm ・DC12V power adapter (center minus 2.1mm) 500mA or more recommended It is internally converted to a high voltage of 200V or more. Please be sure to use a stable 12V voltage. Malfunctions caused by customer negligence such as overvoltage are not covered by the free repair warranty. ・Through bypass structure ・LED Ring Lamp ・Product specifications and parts are subject to change without notice. Due to the specifications, the main unit will become hot, but please rest assured that this will not cause any problem during normal use. Please use it in a cool and well-ventilated place as much as possible. ※ This product is inspired by the Magnatone amplifier, but we did not collaborate on its development and it is our own product. Respect to Magnatone.

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