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RMS‐100A -SUSTAINABLE DRIVER- ※English (Made to order 2-3 months)

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Made to order 2-3 months. The sample design is an image of the finished product, and we strive to make it as close to the specifications as possible. Please note that there may be differences from the actual product sold. This is a modern reproduction of ROCKMAN SUSTAINOR Model 100A serial number 13000 by HTJ-WORKS. The basic functions and circuit configuration are based on the actual machine. The major change is that we have reproduced ROCKMAN's unique ±8V power supply instead of the normal power supply's DC9V voltage. I have the impression that it is a very difficult machine to use, It is a very precise model with plenty of gain, making it easy to handle. 【Feature details】 CAB SIM for compressor (feedback circuit), noise gate, 4 types of preamplifiers This is a semi-multi-effect pedal that combines functions such as , phase shift, etc. CLN/CLN2/EDGE/LEAD (4TYPE PREAMP MODE) ×2CH SUSTAIN/NOISE GATE/PHASE SHIFT are common to each channel. 【Various controls】 ・(Right) BYPASS switch (*Bypassed when the green ring LED is off) Buffer/Through switching possible on board ・(Left) Channel changeover switch Red light is Ch1 upper line Blue lighting is Ch2 lower line ・PREGAIN This is the first operation after input. Here the input sensitivity is adjusted via a ROCKMAN specific buffer. ・SUSTAIN The analog feedback circuit allows 4 stages of compression operation. Adds sustain to the tone. This unit does not have a GAIN control like a typical effector, but the basic gain is set according to the PREGAIN and SUSTAIN levels. ・NOISEGATE This is the basic circuit of SR&D's SMARTGATE function. This is placed before the preamp and can be completely bypassed by turning it on/off. ・BOOST This circuit applies only to EDGE/LEAD mode and is placed at the exit of the SUSTAIN circuit, increasing the volume one more step. ・SEMI.C Applies to CLEAN2 mode only. Clipping is added, giving the sound a slight edge. It is characterized by a crunchy sound. ・PHASE SHIFT It's a very simple feature, but I think it plays an important role in the character of ROCKMAN's sound. This simple circuit uses five dual op amps. Essentially, manipulating the phase allows you to fine-tune the clarity and structure of your sound. ・TREBLE Tone control applies only to EDGE/LEAD mode. The more you turn it to the right, the more the high frequencies are emphasized, creating a crunchy distortion. ・RTHM_VOL This is a MID control placed before the volume control circuit. When turned fully clockwise, the resistance value decreases, producing a sound with a stronger attack. ・VOL Unlike regular volume controls, instead of dropping (shorting) the signal to ground, it uses a variable compound resistor to increase or decrease the volume. Therefore, the volume will not go to 0 like normal equipment. ・T-BOOST This function allows you to adjust the settings to match the connected equipment, such as a guitar amp or power amp. Basically, it is used in combination with the VOL control to adjust the output level. This will further emphasize the treble. The T-BOOST gain will also change depending on the VOL composite resistance ratio, so adjusting the two as one control will make it easier to create the sound. [Summary of each 4Ch mode] GATE, PHASE, etc. are assumed to be OFF CLEAN MODE/ This is a clean signal that does not pass through the standard output cabinet simulation. It features a natural clean with only compression added to the buffered sound and a strong attack. Clean 2 mode/ A one-stage amplifier circuit is built in after the CLEAN circuit, and the diode clip and constant switching are performed using the SEMI.C switch. This is a circuit that has passed cabinet simulation. This is a clean sound that is more like an effector. EDGE/ Basically it uses the same circuit as LEAD MODE. The actual machine had a mode with the AUTO CLEAN function, but this machine mainly has a few different constants. LEAD/ The distortion is one step stronger than EDGE. [Input/output section] ・Center minus DC9V only (2.1mm) ・Input jack ・Output jack ・External channel switching jack (latch type) Tip=Channel Select Ring=Bypass Mode 【Basic specifications】 ・Size: Approximately 94 x 120 x 57 (excluding protrusions) ・9VDC power adapter only (center minus 2.1mm) *300mA or more recommended *Overvoltage failures due to customer negligence are not covered by the warranty. ・Battery is not built-in ・LED ring indicator lamp ・Product specifications and parts are subject to change without notice. (This product is completely made to order. Please note that your reservation will be confirmed after payment is confirmed, so we cannot accept cancellations after your order has been placed.) *Product descriptions are the opinions of HTJ-WORKS and are inferred from the characteristics of the circuit. Please understand this as a description of this model. It does not represent the thoughts or intentions of those involved in the design of the actual machine. Additionally, we may not be able to answer detailed inquiries regarding the sound makeup or circuitry of this unit. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions regarding reservations.

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