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BRIGHT HORSE BDX -Bass Deluxe Preamp-〈般若-Hannya Edition〉10days~

40,700 JPY

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〈Sales price is approximately $278〉 European shipping is approximately $22 Customs duties depending on each country will apply. HTJ-WORKS' Bright Horse OD, which has been well received all over the world, has evolved as a bass preamp! Bright Horse was developed with the ideal of allowing you to enjoy the elaborate KLON style OD without individual differences at a low price. The KLON Centaur is a preamp that is generally unfamiliar to bassists, but its buffered bypass provides a great experience and has a big impact on BASS. The rough drive sound and MID with a sense of extrusion match aggressive bass players. The big difference from regular OD pedals is that the drive circuit and clean circuit are separated. The GAIN knob is not just a numerical amplification control, but also a drive and clean mix knob. Although the number of parts increases and the circuit becomes more complex, it has been thoroughly calculated and provides a stable tone no matter the setting. The preamplifier stage has adjusted the component constants for BASS so that the LOW signal can be heard without being drowned out. In addition, you can select three patterns of gain characters using the DEEP/FLAT/IMPACT switch that is also included in PERFECT BLUSE. For the EQ stage, we referenced the functional structure of the SANS AMP style, and ideally wanted a bassist to be familiar with it the moment they picked it up. This model is designed to be simple and cost down by intentionally omitting the balanced output that is installed in many bass preamps. Two legendary types beautifully blend and harmonize, making it one of the most stunning choices that feels like it's been around since ancient times. This unit is recommended for bassists who value nuance and feel. [Various controls] *DC9V only ・ON/OFF Foot Switch ・Buffer/Through side switch (when effect is OFF) When pushed in, the buffer is bypassed. ・GAIN Clean & Drive MIX Control Drive starts to apply after 12 o'clock, and distortion starts suddenly after 3 o'clock, but this is by design. ・DEEP/FLAT/IMPACT Switch DEEP(Right) FAT drive sound FLAT(Center) Bright Horse standard sound IMPACT(Left) Edged drive sound *Since it is effective in the drive circuit, you can get a greater experience with the GAIN knob after 12 o'clock. ・VOLUME This is the volume control for the preamp stage. ・BLEND When turned all the way to the left, the preamp stage is bypassed. A combination of buffered dry signal + EQ. When turned clockwise, the tone set by the GAIN and VOLUME knobs is gradually added to the dry signal. (When GAIN and VOLUME are 0, setting BLEND to the right will produce no sound.) ・HIGH  6kHz ±11db ・HI MID 1.5kHz/3kHz/750Hz ±11db ・LO MID 407Hz/1kHz/250Hz ±11db ・LOW  70Hz帯 ±11db ・HI MID Center frequency selection switch (left) Left = 1.5kHz Center = 3kHz Right = 750Hz ・LO MID Center frequency select switch (right) Left = 407Hz Center = 1kHz Right = 250Hz -Product features- - If you select buffered bypass, you can get a glossy and crisp tone just by passing it through this unit. ・It is a classic and modest drive sound, but it can be used in a variety of songs by combining it with EQ. By appropriately boosting the power supply voltage, it reproduces a thick and glossy tone. (Be sure to use a center negative DC9V stabilized power supply.) 【Basic specifications】 ・Size: Approximately 94 x 120 x 35 (excluding protrusions) ・DC9V power adapter (center minus 2.1mm) It's properly boosted internally. Please be sure to use a 9V stabilized power supply. Malfunctions caused by customer negligence such as overvoltage are not covered by the free repair warranty. ・White LED indicator light ・Product specifications and parts are subject to change without notice.

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